Thinking of Selling or Letting your home?

If you’re thinking of selling or letting your home, wouldn’t it be great if you could test real time demand in your street, before you invest time and money in marketing your property?

Now you can. Preloc8 allows you to find out who’s looking to buy or rent your property, before you even think about contacting an agent. After all, attracting potential buyers or tenants can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the marketplace or the level of demand for properties in a certain area.

With Preloc8, you can list your property in just 60 seconds - allowing potential buyers and tenants to follow and express interest in your home.

Once you’re ready to sell or let, simply switch your listings to live. This will then notify all of your followers so that they’ll be able to contact you if they’re interested in viewing or buying your property. It will also allow you to decide whether you want to proceed with or without an agent.

It’s a quick, easy and hassle free way to sell, buy and raise the profile of your property, whilst utilising a platform that is changing the face of the property market.

Locate your dream home

There really is no better feeling than being handed the keys to your dream home, right? But finding the perfect property can be more challenging than you might think, especially in today’s competitive market place.

And if you want to find the property of your dreams, it’s important to be on the ball. After all, for every property that you’ve got your eye on, there will be countless other buyers determined to buy or rent it too.

Covering all areas of the UK, Preloc8 allows you to find your dream property before it even goes on the market, enabling you to find and track properties that meet your exact requirements. But that’s not all… once the owner of a property that you’ve got your eye on decides to sell or let, you’ll be sent an instant notification with the owner’s contact details.

This will allow you to contact the owner directly, off market, via our reliable in-mail resource before they even contact an agent, giving you the best chance of securing a deal ahead of other buyers.

Your Local Independent Preloc8 Agent

Once buyers or tenants have expressed interest in and started to follow your property, you will then be able to connect and engage with your local Independent Preloc8 agent, who will assist with the sale or let of your home.

Dedicated to providing a professional, reliable, and personalised service, all Independent Preloc8 agents work directly for you, in your local area. (Our fees are capped at 0.5% for sales and £500 one of fee, for letting).

The keys to your dream home really are only 3 simple steps away!